What’s Fei Protocol (FEI & TRIBE)? All about FEI & TRIBE Tokens

What’s Fei Protocol?

Prior lớn delving into Fei Protocol, I would like lớn focus on the present state of stablecoins out there.

Due lớn the comfort and recognition of USDT, USDC, and BUSD stablecoins, we, as retail customers, primarily work together with them in nearly all DeFi actions. However these stablecoins are issued by centralized entities.

Consequently, this stablecoin idea is diametrically opposed lớn the blockchain’s authentic idea of decentralization and there are issues about these stablecoins; thus, a “extra” decentralised stablecoin is required lớn deal with this subject.

DAI is the primary answer. It is a kind of over-collateralized stablecoin that is issued totally on-chain. A person wants lớn deposit belongings like ETH or BTC so as lớn mint a portion of DAI that can be utilized for varied functions. Nonetheless, there are nonetheless some points. Over-collateralization of DAI leads lớn issues with capital effectivity. Consequently, large-scale growth for DAI is difficult.

Fei Protocol launched the FEI steady coin in January 2021 as a brand-new idea aimed toward resolving the issues listed above.

Fei Protocol additionally gave DeFi at the moment a brand new path within the idea of Protocol-Managed Values (PCV).

For individuals who are unfamiliar with the time period “PCV”, Protocol Managed Worth is the mechanism that the Initiatives will “personal” liquidity as an alternative of “borrow” it from customers. Let’s examine it lớn the Maker DAO steady cash (DAI) minting mechanism

  • Maker DAO: Customers deposit their belongings as collateral lớn mint DAI.
  • Fei Protocol: Customers “promote” their belongings resembling ETH so as lớn obtain FEI steady cash again. On this case, all ETH will belong lớn the Fei Protocol, which may have full management over these belongings → That is the principle idea of Protocol Managed Worth (PCV).

How does Fei Protocol work?

Mint & Redeem Mechanism

So as lớn work together with FEI steady cash, customers should observe these steps:

  • Mint: Deposit your belongings (ETH in v1 or DAI in v2) lớn Fei Protocol and obtain the respective FEI stablecoins.
  • Redeem: In distinction with the above motion, return your FEI stablecoins again lớn Fei Protocol and obtain your preliminary belongings again.
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The belongings’ worth within the minting and redeeming course of might be supported and decided by Chainlink Oracle.

The Peg Upkeep

FEI stablecoins are backed by belongings within the Treasury. Total, the upkeep course of will happen following the 2 circumstances:

  • If FEI > $1: Mint FEI on Fei Protocol at $1 and promote it out there.
  • If FEI < 1$: Purchase FEI out there and redeem at $1 worth on Fei Protocol.

Fei Protocol x Ondo Finance

Previously, Fei Protocol partnered with Ondo Finance lớn provide liquidity as a service (LaaS), a prevalent time period just lately. I’ll take an instance lớn illustrate the advantage of this partnership occasion.

Many new initiatives are born each hour within the crypto market, and these initiatives require satisfactory liquidity lớn run the protocol once they first begin out.

  • Previous methodology: Lớn obtain sufficient liquidity, some initiatives will select lớn provide customers their native tokens by means of “liquidity mining” rewards at a “loopy” APR. Consequently, the tokens earned are frequently dumped onto the market, which has a damaging impact on the protocol.
  • New methodology: With the Liquidity as a Service that Fei Protocol and Ondo Finance present, new initiatives solely want lớn deposit their native tokens into the Ondo liquidity vault with a versatile period, and Fei Protocol will match their deposit with an equal quantity of newly minted FEI stablecoins lớn kind a liquidity pair. The tokens get paired in an AMM resembling Uniswap or SushiSwap.

→ This methodology will take away all upfront capital prices. Due to this fact, Fei’s Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) is a fast and low-cost means lớn get USD-denominated liquidity for a mission.

Fei v1 & Fei v2

On December 15, 2021, Fei Protocol formally launched Fei v2 with these essential modifications:

  • Stability: In Fei v2, the redeem charges have decreased from 1% lớn 0.5%. This helps spectaculars arbitrage FEI simply and earn extra revenue.
  • Incentive Alignment: In Fei v1, TRIBE tokens are used for governance and as an incentive for FEI stablecoins solely. Nonetheless, Fei v2, TRIBE holders may have pores and skin within the recreation as direct beneficiaries and danger bearers of PCV efficiency.
  • Efficient PCV Administration: Belongings in PCV will robotically be managed by means of the Balancer v2 Funding Pool lớn handle danger, deploy liquidity, and earn yield with higher capital effectivity.

FEI & TRIBE Token Data

What’s FEI Stablecoin?

The FEI stablecoins are uncapped. The quantity of newly-minted FEI might be decided based mostly on the quantity of belongings deposited within the Fei Protocol.

What’s TRIBE Token?

Tribe is the governance token of Fei Protocol

TRIBE token metrics

  • Token Identify: Tribe
  • Ticker: TRIBE
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token Commonplace: ERC-20
  • Contract: 0xc7283b66eb1eb5fb86327f08e1b5816b0720212b
  • Token Sort: Governance
  • Complete Provide: 1,000,000,000 TRIBE
  • Circulating Provide: 455,015,530 TRIBE.

TRIBE Token Allocation

  • DAO Treasury: 40%
  • IDO: 20%
  • Fei Core Workforce: 13%
  • Genesis Group: 10%
  • Staking Rewards: 10%
  • Fei Core Workforce Traders: 5%
  • Grants: 2%
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TRIBE Token Sale

Fei Protocol launched TRIBE and FEI lớn customers on March twenty second, 2021, by means of the Genesis Group occasion, which occurred in two phrases:

  • ETH dedication: All contributors within the Genesis Group acquired a share of 10% of the preliminary TRIBE provide, which was 100M TRIBE.
  • IDO: Occurred after Genesis’ completion. 20% of Tribe tokens (200M TRIBE) have been offered by means of IDO.

TRIBE Token Launch Schedule

TRIBE Token Use Circumstances

TRIBE token has these essential roles:

  • Governance: Handle the PCV of Fei Protocol and vote for proposals.
  • Incentives: Assist and incentive customers becoming a member of DeFi actions on Fei Protocol.
  • Buybacks: 20% of the protocol’s fairness might be used lớn buyback TRIBE tokens. The buyback process might be carried out robotically by Balancer Sensible Pool.

How lớn purchase TRIBE Token

You should purchase TRIBE Token by means of these exchanges:

  • DEXs: Uniswap,…
  • CEXs: Binance, Gate.io KuCoin, BKEK,…

Alternatively, you need to use Coin98 Trade lớn swap different tokens for BICO by clicking the Swap button on the finish of the article.

Study extra: How lớn use Coin98 Trade

How lớn get TRIBE Token

You will get TRIBE tokens by means of varied methods, together with:

  • Stake TRIBE tokens within the FeiRari Fuse Pool lớn earn extra TRIBE.
  • Present liquidity for the TRIBE-FEI LP pair.

How lớn retailer TRIBE

You may retailer TRIBE token on Coin98 Pockets with these easy steps:

Step 1: Open Coin98 Pockets & click on Obtain on the house display screen.

Step 2: Search TRIBE Token.

Step 3: Click on on the proper end result, copy the pockets deal with and ship TRIBE lớn this deal with.

Workforce, Traders, and Companions



Fei Protocol has acquired funding from many well-known enterprise capital corporations, together with a16z, Coinbase Enterprise, Framework, and others.


As a result of Fei Protocol gives Liquidity as a Service (LaaS), each mission that wants liquidity from Fei Protocol might be a accomplice of this mission.

Furthermore, the Fei Protocol & Ondo Finance collaboration, which has been talked about above, can be an excellent win-win accomplice occasion for each two initiatives.

Roadmap and Replace

Protocol Improve (completed)

  • Chainlink integration.
  • TRIBE backstop.
  • Safety Improve.

Core Lending Integrations (completed)

  • Develop the partnership vary with 4 lending initiatives, together with Rari Capital Fuse, CREAM, Aave, and Kashi.

Different initiatives (completed)

  • stETH buy for yield technology.
  • Revisiting DAI/stablecoin alternatives with further readability on deployment technique.

Future Roadmap

The key function, algorithmic PCV administration will launch following Balancer’s launch of the managed swimming pools.

Is Fei Protocol funding?

I hope that you’ve got understood what Fei Protocol is with the data talked about above. This text ought to offer you a deep perception into the mission, so there isn’t a monetary recommendation. You must Do Your Personal Analysis earlier than conducting any funding and be answerable for your personal fund.

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Nonetheless, Coin98 Insights will present some notable factors in regards to the mission lớn provide the finest overview lớn make your personal choices.

From a Retail Investor’s Perspective

Fei Protocol has already managed over $750 million in worth with a collateralization ratio of 240% (the collateralization ratio is calculated by the entire worth of PCV divided by the worth of person circulating FEI). Consequently, the Person Circulating FEI of this protocol is now $313 million.

As you may see now, the online revenue of Fei Protocol is now $439M, an enormous worth! As talked about above, part of the PCV revenue might be used lớn purchase again TRIBE tokens. On this case, greater than $13M in worth might be used lớn purchase again TRIBE, offering nice advantages for holders.

One other methodology of investing is lớn be part of Fei Protocol’s actions, resembling offering liquidity lớn earn yield.

The very best APR in Fei is lớn stake TRIBE and earn 26.9% APY, or a extra steady means with the FEI-DAI pair with an APR of 20.9% (greater than farming many stablecoin pairs out there, which solely provide 5-10%).

From Initiatives’ Perspective

Fei Protocol’s clients aren’t solely retail customers, but in addition 1000’s of initiatives available on the market that want liquidity. This image will examine some options between Fei Protocol, Olympus Professional, and Tokemak, one of many main DeFi 2.0 initiatives.

  • Olympus Professional: Initiatives personal liquidity in perpetuity, however this liquidity have to be bought up entrance at a capital value.
  • Tokemak: Initiatives can borrow free liquidity from Tokemak, however solely a small variety of initiatives are eligible.
  • Fei x Ondo: Initiatives solely want lớn deposit their native tokens, Fei Protocol will add respective FEI stablecoins lớn kind a buying and selling pair. On this case, Fei gives initiatives satisfactory liquidity and initiatives simply want lớn pay a small charge of borrowing liquidity from the Fei Protocol (5-10% APR, fairly cheap).

Related Initiatives

Some initiatives that additionally work within the stablecoin sector are Ample Forth or Foundation Money.

Different DeFi 2.0 initiatives which use PCV (Protocol Managed Worth) or POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) are Olympus, Tokemak, Wonderland, and so forth. For additional info, you may see the DeFi 2.0 stack right here.


Coin98 Insights hopes you’ve got gained all the essential details about Fei Protocol together with its options and highlights all through this subject.

When you’ve got any questions on TRIBE or need lớn know extra about TRIBE, please be happy lớn go away a remark beneath and be part of Coin98 Group for additional discussions about Crypto.